Marco’s Gluten Free Irish Pizza

On a recent trip to Killarney, I had the pleasure of meeting the Marco of Marco’s Gluten Free Irish Pizza (and his lovely Dad!). Marco makes the most amazingly delicious thin, stonebaked gluten-free pizzas – a far cry from the crumbly cardboard disks and home-baked monstrosities I have been used to so far.

Pizzas are handmade and hand-packaged by Marco himself in a gluten-free facility approved by the Coeliac Society of Ireland.

Gluten-free pizzas are also served in his family restaurant, Allegro (Plunkett Street, Killarney), along with a whole range of dirty-good chipper food that is safe for Coeliacs. Yum.

He has single-handedly squashed my motivation for attempting to make gluten-free pizza myself ever again – I mean, why bother?! However, as the toppings are a wee bit on the sparse side, I can convince myself I am cooking by supplementing his pizzas with my own toppings and extra cheese. Always extra cheese.

My current favourite topping combos:

  • Jalapenos, pineapple, sweetcorn, onion, salami and peppers…and extra cheese.
  • Black olives, sun-dried tomato, spinach, feta…and extra cheese.

I have spotted Marco’s frozen pizzas for about €4.99 in Dunnes and SuperValu stores, but make sure to ask a manager to have them stocked if you don’t see them on the shelves.

P.S. Marco did not give me any free pizza for writing this, but I am more than willing to accept bribes in this case.

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