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Another Credo’s gluten free pizza adventure

Well I cracked again. I ordered more of Credo’s rather tasty (and meticulously non-contaminated) gluten free pizza. This time I went for the Goat’n’Nut: goat & nut (V) (N) soft goats cheese, caramelised red onion, black olives, crushed walnuts, tomato sauce, mozzarella, finished with extra virgin olive oil . I have to say, they seemed to have really improved the pizza bases since the last … Continue reading Another Credo’s gluten free pizza adventure

Gluten Free Caprice pizza

GF Take Away Pizza in Dublin!

Last weekend, in a fit of laziness I decided to finally try one of Dublin’s gluten free take away pizza options. This time, it was Credo’s pizza, at number 19 Montague Street (off Harcourt Street) in Dublin 2 that won out. Unlike some of the other restaurants offering gluten free goodies in Ireland, Credo boasts: its own dedicated gluten-free kitchen separate storage for gluten free … Continue reading GF Take Away Pizza in Dublin!

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Gluten Free Pizza Base

This recipe is based on this one from The Happy Tummy blog, but slightly adapted as I am not bothered buying all the different flours required. This pizza is pretty damn good, if you did have all the flours mentioned I’m sure that following the original recipe would make it even better. Makes 2 pizzas. Ingredients: 2 cups Doves Farm Gluten Free Plain Flour 0.5 … Continue reading Gluten Free Pizza Base