Chocolate flapjack brownie

Nutty chocolate flapjack brownies

I received a wonderful, but dangerous gift this Christmas – a gluten free cookbook. Baking to be precise. This one by ex-Masterchef finalist Hannah Miles, to be even more precise. “Pecan flapjack brownies” was the first recipe I tried (obviously). This is a variation on that recipe, with small changes to account for ingredients that I couldn’t get. Ingredients 250g butter 225g caster sugar 125g … Continue reading Nutty chocolate flapjack brownies

gluten free pizza

Gluten Free Pizza Base

This recipe is based on this one from The Happy Tummy blog, but slightly adapted as I am not bothered buying all the different flours required. This pizza is pretty damn good, if you did have all the flours mentioned I’m sure that following the original recipe would make it even better. Makes 2 pizzas. Ingredients: 2 cups Doves Farm Gluten Free Plain Flour 0.5 … Continue reading Gluten Free Pizza Base