Shop-bought Gluten Free Soup

  Gluten free living can be hard work on occasion. Perhaps you find yourself gazing lustily at gluten-filled ready-made meals because sometimes you just don’t feel like cooking everything from scratch… So don’t! Some of the Avonmore range of fresh soups, including this serviceable tomato and basil variety pictured above, are gluten free. Try adding dollop of cream, ground black pepper and some chopped coriander … Continue reading Shop-bought Gluten Free Soup

gluten free bread slices

Aldi stocks gluten free bread

German supermarket chain giant, Aldi, is now stocking gluten free bread! Unfortunately they are keeping it in the aisle with the normal bread, which makes me nervous. To my taste buds, it is more like the vacuum-packed monstrosities of the gluten free aisle than the really ground breaking brands of gluten free bread (enter Genius) out there. However, for the very accessible price of 1.99 … Continue reading Aldi stocks gluten free bread