Blackcurrant and Rosemary Jam

This was my first ever attempt at making jam and I was delighted with the results! A little tart, but I like the blackcurrant tang.

I added rosemary on a whim but I think a bit of experimentation is required to get the amount of rosemary just right, I had 2 sprigs and it wasn’t really enough. You could also try lavender instead.

The proportions I used for making jam are 1:1 fruit and sugar, with just slightly less water. I’m not sure what the butter is supposed to do (something to do with the texture maybe?!), but it’s always a welcome addition so fire it in anyway!

Makes 2-3 normal sized jars


500g blackcurrants
500g caster sugar
400ml water
knob of butter
2 large sprigs of rosemary, washed


  1. Wash the blackcurrants and remove any stems but leave the little flower ends intact.
  2. Add the blackcurrants and full sprigs of rosemary to a pan with the water and bring to the boil.
  3. Simmer uncovered for about 20 minutes or until the berries are soft and you can easily squish them against the side of the pan with a spoon.
  4. You can remove the rosemary sprigs at this point.
  5. Slowly add the sugar, stirring each addition until it has fully disolved.
  6. Bring it back to the boil and then allow it to bubble away for about another 30-40 minutes.
  7. Keep stirring the jam regularly, to prevent it from sticking to the bottom.
  8. Test the jam to see if it’s ready by placing a small spoonful onto a chilled saucer and putting it into the fridge. After about 5 minutes, check to see if it has firmed up a bit. If not, leave the rest of the pot on the heat for a little longer and then test it again.
  9. Once the jam has passed the ‘set test’, stir in the mystery knob of butter.
  10. Pour the mixture into hot, sterilised jars and seal immediately.

Health warning: After you’ve added the sugar be very careful of splashes or you might get a nasty burn!


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