Chocolate Peanut Butter Squares

This recipe from the Canal Cook looks absolutely amazing; gluten-free peanut butter squares!

Canal Cook

Peanut Butter Square

I should probably start this post by emphasising that I have not been asked by any chocolate company to do this, despite the amount of time I’m going to mention the word ‘Cadbury’. I think the type of chocolate you like is something you develop a taste for early in life. It’s like the tap water where you grow up. Nothing else will ever taste the same or quite as nice. So for me, chocolate is Cadbury, regardless of the arguments of some EU countries that it isn’t chocolate at all. It has to be Irish or English Cadbury chocolate though, the Cadbury chocolate from Canada and Australia, much like the tap water, just isn’t the same. When my family stayed in Brooklyn recently, we were warned by our Dutch landlord that the water there was awful. We all thought it was fine, but were in agreement that Dutch tapwater…

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