credo pizza box

Another Credo’s gluten free pizza adventure

Well I cracked again. I ordered more of Credo’s rather tasty (and meticulously non-contaminated) gluten free pizza.

This time I went for the Goat’n’Nut:

goat & nut (V) (N)
soft goats cheese, caramelised red onion, black olives, crushed walnuts, tomato sauce, mozzarella, finished with extra virgin olive oil .

I have to say, they seemed to have really improved the pizza bases since the last time I indulged in a Credo’s pizza extravaganza. This time the base was chewy  and delicious (if a little oily) without compromising the integrity of my molars.

My only suggestion would be to perhaps swap out the black olives for sundried tomatoes in this particular pizza, the extra saltiness would really lift the goats cheese – the olives were doing nothing for me.

My dining companion, a takeaway pizza connoisseur if ever there was one, got a ‘normal’ funghi pizza and claimed to be disappointed that I could not try it. I don’t believe a word of it though, I saw the gleam in his eyes.

Credo can be found online here if you want to try them out for yourself:

credo pizza box
All that’s left after the feeding

P.S. If you work in Credo’s and would like to give me free pizzas then that is totally fine with me. I love pizza.


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