packet of toastie pockets

Toastie Pockets

packet of toastie pockets
Toastie pockets from Alio

A quick tip for those who live with gluten-eaters. Your toaster is a vital piece equipment in everyday gluten free cooking – just try eating GF bread a day out of the packet without it. However, the toaster is also potentially a major cause of cross contamination in the kitchen, where the crumbs from ‘normal’ bread can slip unexpected glutenings into your day .

If you have the budget and the counter space to buy your own toaster, reserved specifically for gluten free food, then you’re in the lucky minority. For those of us who have tiny kitchens, a toastie pocket fills in the gaps nicely.

These are thin, envelope-type gadgets, made of a non-flammable material, that fit right inside the toaster. They are great for bread, muffins and scones and probably even their intended use of making toasties!

They are also small enough to easily bring with you if you are staying away from home and want to be sure of a gluten free breakfast slice.

I bought some in Aldi and have used them well past their 50 toasts guideline – you can even pop them into the dishwasher when they get grubby. Enjoy!

You can also buy them on Amazon here.


2 thoughts on “Toastie Pockets

  1. Hi Trish, I don’t sell them myself but have found them in large supermarkets, discount stores and in baking supply shops. They’re usually located in the same section of the shop as greaseproof paper, baking foil etc. Good luck!

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