Gluten Free Caprice pizza

GF Take Away Pizza in Dublin!

Credo logoLast weekend, in a fit of laziness I decided to finally try one of Dublin’s gluten free take away pizza options.

This time, it was Credo’s pizza, at number 19 Montague Street (off Harcourt Street) in Dublin 2 that won out. Unlike some of the other restaurants offering gluten free goodies in Ireland, Credo boasts:

  • its own dedicated gluten-free kitchen
  • separate storage for gluten free items
  • specially trained gluten free staff!
  • approval from the Coeliac Society of Ireland.

So with that much peace of mind on offer, I thought I’d better give it a shot.

I ordered gluten free garlic bread and the Caprice pizza, which, according to their menu, has

“wild irish mushrooms, roasted ham, roasted peppers, parmesan shavings, tomato sauce, mozzarella, finished with extra virgin olive oil.”

Gluten Free Caprice pizza
Gluten Free Caprice pizza, from Credo
Gluten free garlic bread pizza
Gluten Free garlic bread, from Credo

Sounds good, right? The toppings were really fresh and tasty, with just the right amount of oil to give it moisture, but not greasiness.

The gluten and lactose free base was thin and light, which I like, but to be honest, the outer edges were hard enough to break teeth. The garlic bread pizza in particular, while tasty, could have lost me a couple of molars.

I think, for me, the homemade gluten free pizza base recipe wins out on texture, while the Credo’s “tasty toppings + laziness” combination wins out on convenience.

Credo have a meal deal running at present which makes the pizzas a little more affordable (and does not include the additional charge for making your pizza gluten free that the rest of the menu carries), so I may have to eat several dozen more of their pizzas in order to get a proper, statistically appropriate sample.

Definitely worth checking out.


UPDATE: Apparently the gluten free pizzas still carry an additional charge of €2 per base, including garlic bread pizzas, even in the meal deal. Sorry.


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